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“Touch My Silence”(KA104)

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The Summary Project Description:

We work in Children Monitoring Centers (CMC) in Giresun/Turkey. CMC is an organization that taken forensic statements of child sexual abuse victims. CMCs’ establishment started about 9 years ago as a pilot project. Today, increasing the number of CMCs carry on work in all cities country-wide. The main goal of this center to prevent secondary trauma during forensic interview. The victim children used to be taken away to police station or gendarmerie station for forensic statements; also used to have to g oto hospital for judical medical report with police force before CMCs have been started. With starting the practice CMC all of required servives have been gathered in one point. By the way there are some deficiencies and need time to troubleshoot. Because of there is not yet a guidelines and working with a notice induces the malfuctions. For example;

•             Different practising between CMCs country-wide,

•             Lack of knowledge between stakeholder organizations or lack of knowledge duties and responsibilities,

•             Inability of professional stages to practise injuctions

•             Professional inability to practise injunction as part of child protection act,

•             Inability about rehabilitation process,

•             Absences institutional movement to follow-up child sexual abuse victims,

•             Inability to observe the level of the problem distribution by years because of absence detailed statics on sexual abuse of children.

CMCs’ staff members who composed by social worker, specialist nurse, psychologist, child development specialist (these four occupational group work as forensic and family interviewer), prosecutors, lawyer and physicians work willingly, kindly and friendly as focused on child. We are planing mobility of our members who responsible for adult education. We expect adult education staffs’ recovery educational need and progress, recovery training conditions of our field ang give an answer to provide being international. In detail, our basic aim to see European Union Countries'’ approach accorting to child sexual abuse victims and compare with our national practices and literature knowledge. We want to see our efficiencies and determine our deficiencies. Hence, we aim to update training programmes for parents, children betweeen 0-18 age group and members of profession who work focused on children.

At this field we form KA104 adult education staff mobility project and look for associates interested in with this subject. Would you please apply the email address below with an summary that include how you can contribute for profect?

Eligibility criteria of associates;

1.            To have  competency imparting about child victim’s forensic process from begining to end.

2.            To have competency visiting the instutions or organizations which are taken statements of victims.

3.            To have competency imprating about the services children benefit after statements.

4.            To have competency conveying about education for families of victims.

5.            To have competency conveying the protective and preventive measures (law and practises) intended to prevent child sexual abuse.


İnstitution mail address:

Contac Person mail Address;

Mehmet Önder TEMEL

Social Worker/Family Counseler

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