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Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza, is a private not-for-profit association and Business Support Organisation (BSO) of Micro and SMEs, based in the city of Vicenza and born in 1945 with the aim of protecting entrepreneurs’ interests and supporting their actions to improve the local economic and social context.

Today, it is the largest employers’ organization in Italy with around 20,000 members from 39 business sectors. It provides members with information, assistance and consulting, encouraging entrepreneurial modernization and innovation, supporting start-ups’ development as well as developing policies pro work, pro welfare and pro quality of life.

Hence, its main activities include advocacy and lobbying to defend stakeholders' interests in front of Policy Makers (at local, regional, national and European level), the provision of a wide and qualified range of services to support them in "everyday activities", the promotion of economic initiatives favouring aggregation processes among SMEs in order to overcome some of the constraints due to their small and micro dimension as well as internationalization services promoting and strengthening Vicenza's exporting capacity.

Throughout the years, our Association has also been managing SEVERAL REGIONALLY, NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY FUNDED PROJECTS, including Erasmus+ and Interreg projects, involving an increasing number of companies from different sectors and fostering the important exchange of expertise and good practices at a European level.

Confartiginato Imprese Vicenza is part of a regional and national confederation of BSOs, namely Confartigianato Imprese, which is also a funding member of the umbrella organization SME United in Brussels.

If you think we could be the right partner for your project and you are interested in discussing about future opportunities of collaboratio, please contact:

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