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job shadowing: drop out; innovation; transgender

Iniziato da | Pubblicato il Sab, 12/28/2019 - 13:15

IETC-PS is always trying to keep up with change (social, cultural and economic). We strongly believe that our vocational school has to be a place of education to tolerance, diversity and human progress.

Transgender has become a componant of our society and we feel concerned with this cultural evolution.

IETC's teachers and administrative staff would like to integrate the new forms of genders into our work culture. Thanks to the KA104 program, we would like to investigate this matter and adapt our work habits.

This is why we are currently looking for institutions who have developed a know how around the adaptation of administrative and pedagogicial practises to facilitate the well-being of transgendered people.

If you have this know how and if you are ready to share it, please let us know

Thank you


Partnership Details
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Mar, 01/15/2019 - 01:00
IETC-Mercure (Institut d'Enseignement Technique et Commercial - Vocational training)
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Job shadowing
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