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Partnership Details

Enterpreunership Education For Disadvantaged Adults


Dear Possible Project Partners

Our Project Title is  "Pathway Education from Mini Company to Real Company  that is  KA202 - Exchange of Good Practices"

We looking for partners related Adult Education for Entrepreneurship, That could be  Adult  based Non-Governmental Organizations, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, UniversitiesPurpose  of the project

To Develop   “Mini Company” Based Entrepreneurship Education Model and Materials for Adult Learning Centers in cooperation with Teachers, Experts, and Employers.

Planned Project Term:  01 October 2020 - 31. March 2022 ( 30 Months)

What will Project Partners do in the “Pathway Education  From Mini Company to Real Company”  project?

1-Firstly, each Partner Organization will establish Mini Company to implement project activities for disadvantaged adult groups. The Number of Adult Students will be 6-12 at each Mini Company.  Members of each Mini company will establish the Entrepreneurship Club in addition to Mini Company. Adult project students will be enrolled in the Entrepreneurship club for project activities.

1 Activity board for announcement will be allocated for the member of the entrepreneurship club.  Project students will disseminate project activities using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube or other social media. The Entrepreneurship Club will have at least 1 consultant teacher or expert.  He / She will give advice and guidance to the Entrepreneurship Club’s students. This link between consultant Teacher/Expert and students will be flexible. Project Students must show their Entrepreneurships abilities without any limitations.

2- Each project partner organization will establish at least 1 mini company for project activities. These mini-companies from different areas will not be official and will not be real companies, but students will complete all official procedures to open mini-companies as a real commercial company. If it is possible to project students will be able to use it for mini-companies for commercial activities.

3- At the beginning of each mini-company will have 1 or 2 consultant teacher /expert and owners of the local small companies.   Project students will also use social media to promote their mini-companies. For example, if Project students establish tourism and travel company as a mini-company, they will make cooperate with at least 2 local tourism and travel companies.  Project partner Organizations will invite the directors or owners of Local companies or responsible staff to give information for Project activities or Students will visit the companies to get information about the management of companies. 

4- Project experts will make a presentation to managers and teachers, experts of project partner organizations (Non –Governmental Organizations, Private Educational Companies, and others) about Project work packages and EU rules at the beginning of the Project and later phases of the project.   The project will be implemented by partner organizations and their stakeholders in their region.

5- In the project;  Partner Organizations will make collaborate with Teachers, Experts, Academicians, Business People from related Organizations  ( Chamber of Commerce, Universities, Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Research Centers) for project activities.  

6- After 28 months from the start of the project, the Adult students will exhibit their project experience, project products at their organizations or in an exhibition center if possible. Project students will report what they learned in the project.  The most successful mini-company will be awarded by the Project Management Board after the organized competition.

7- Two questionnaires will be conducted with the teachers and project students who take part in the project at the beginning and end of the project. The questionnaires will be used to measure the changes in teachers and students as well as trainings within the project.

8- The Managers, teachers, and Experts at the Partner Organizations and successful project students will visit and will observe the entrepreneurship education practices in the partner countries and will have a chance to exchange information and experience.

9- The project applications will not only comprise in the project students but will also be announced to social media and various meetings and other students of the Partner Organizations. Project experience could be transferred to other Adult Education  Centers in the project countries and EU countries. 

Target Organizations: Adult Education Centers, Employers, and Policy Makers (Local and National)

Target Groups:  Disadvantaged   Adults and Managers/ Experts/Teachers of Adult Education Centers

Stake-holders: Entrepreneurs  and Employers, Policymakers, Academicians, Relevant Public Organizations, Private Education Companies and  Adult Education Centers


 In a difficult socio-economic context, where youth unemployment is high, our project has the following main aims:

  • To allow Disadvantaged Adult people to experiment entrepreneurship in a European context and in their own field of study
  • To allow Disadvantaged Adult people to experiment entrepreneurship in a European context and their field of study
  • To raise Adult students level of awareness about entrepreneurship skills  by doing at Adult Education Centers
  • To increase students motivation and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills
  • To reduce the gap between Education and job market

please  send  your PIF to ,until March 02, 2020 

Partnership Details
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Tekniker Eğitim Kültür Sağlık Vakfı - Technician Education Culture Health Foundation ( TEK-SAV)
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