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ERBIL PROJECT CONSULTING ENGINEERING INC. is an international engineering, training, consulting & project design organisation in Turkey. It works in infrastructure, water, solid-waste, electrical, environmental & transportation projects ; design the environmental, solid-waste, electrical & water projects to Ministry of Hydraulics, Bank of Province & Municipalities and highways & state-roads projects to General Directorate of Highways in Turkey. In the scope of water, solid-waste, environmental & electrical projects, it is experienced in the design of water and waste water networks, water distribution lines, solid-waste treatment plants, sewage collectors, drinking water and waste water treatment plants, storm and drainage projects & their electrical designs & projects. Comparison of the systems are realized in the design of the projects and the projects to obtain the greener system suitable for the environment fulfilling the rules of the 3 principles of the engineering : economy, esthetic and safety are considered in the designs of the projects.

It has a European Projects Unit in the company and this Unit deals with engineering European Vocational Training Projects. It uses & combines its engineering experience in the European Union projects and knows that taking part in Life Long Learning is a great investment for the future educational development,  therefore ERBIL puts forth a great effort in providing a high quality service throughout partnership, transfer & development of innovation & Erasmus Plus projects. ERBIL is a very active key player in the management & coordination of European projects & has high experience in writing, performing the European projects in the engineering field & manages the consortium fulfilling the project goals.

ERBIL has 60 experienced staff working in the company mostly who are engineers with high qualified competencies.It has strong links with the governmental organisations, institutions, SME's, universities and enterprises in Turkey and as well as in Europe and this gives an advantage to ERBIL for a large dissemination in Turkey and also all through Europe. ERBIL has memberships in Alumni Associations of Colleges & Universities, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects, Chamber of Agricultural Engineers and these membership channels give ERBIL the chance to contact the target group of the engineering projects very easily and train them in their working jobs and fields.

ERBIL uses ISO 9001 : 2008 quality system in its business.


ERBIL offers high quality standards in national & international projects in the following fields;

Infrastructure projects

Water resources engineering

• Solid-waste plants, management & solutions,

• Surveying

• Environmental engineering

• Energy Systems

• Pollution Prevention

• Soil Examinations

• Pumping Stations

• Irrigation projects and facilities,

• Dams design and projects,

• Electrical scada systems,

• Steel pipe cathodic electric projects

• Water supply and distribution lines

• Drinking water treatment plants

• Electrical project designs of treatment plants buildings

• Sewerage systems and treatments

• Storm water projects

• Feasibility studies,

• Environmental impact assessment reports


• State highway and roads

• Bridges, tunnels, railways,viaducts,

• Topographical researches

• Estimated costs

• Analysis of economic and financial reports

• Geotechnical and geophysical research

• Consulting services on highway & infrastructure constructions

European Union projects

• Erasmus+ Projects

• European Union Horizon 2020 programmes

• European Union Eureka projects

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