The EPALE Partner Search – consolidating the adult learning sector

The EPALE Partner Search has been officially launched


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After long months of hard work and dedication the EPALE team is proud to present the platform’s most anticipated feature – a pan-European partner search. The function is open for community members to use and contribute content, and can be found under Community Activities in the platform’s main menu.

What can you use the EPALE Partner Search for?

The partner search can be used for exchanging ideas, methods and best practices, creating networking opportunities, and setting up project partnerships with individuals or organisations in the adult learning sector across Europe.

Who can benefit from the EPALE Partner Search:

  • Experienced adult learning providers looking for a new methodological approach to implement in their work.

  • Trainers and volunteers with limited professional experience, looking for best practice, top tips and advice for their work.

  • People dealing with adult education projects, who want to get in touch with peers working on similar projects in order to exchange ideas or experiences.

  • Researchers working on papers on the adult learning sector in a foreign country, who want to contact an expert from that country for more insight on the topic.

  • People with ideas for collaboration between their peers within their country or elsewhere in Europe.

  • People who are new to the adult learning sector and are looking for networking opportunities.

  • Experienced professionals who want to expand their professional network – nationally or internationally.

  • Event organisers looking for co-organisers for their workshops/conferences.

  • Policy-makers working on new national policies on adult education who want to consult a policy-maker in another country which has adopted a similar policy.

  • People with specific requirements about the type of partner(s) they need for their adult learning project, such as where the partner should be based or what their field of work is.

  • People working in the adult learning sector, who don’t necessarily have an idea for cooperation, but like the idea of getting involved in collaboration with their peers and adult learning colleagues.

5 top tips for using the EPALE Partner Search

  1. First and foremost, in order to fully take advantage of EPALE’s partner search functionalities, you should make sure you’re logged on the platform. If you don’t have an EPALE account yet, you can create one for free.

  2. Complete your user profile with as much information as possible so that other users can easily find you. Make sure you ‘opt in’ to be included in the partner search when you complete your profile.

  3. If you are adding a partner request, be as specific as possible as it helps build trust. Outline your needs and what you expect your potential partner to bring to your collaboration.

  4. If you want a private area where you can communicate with your project partner, then why not create a collaborative space? Collaborative spaces provide users and stakeholders with a dedicated area on EPALE which allows them to upload documents, start discussions and forums, share news and highlight relevant events in the specific group calendar. If you want to create a collaborative space or if you have any questions about how they work, contact us at

  5. Increase your visibility by sharing your adult learning knowledge with potential partners – follow content and topics, post comments, and join forums on EPALE. An active site member is more likely to catch the attention of others.


So get involved! Share your ideas and curriculums, or set up project partnerships – we  wish you all “happy hunting” with the EPALE partner search!

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