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Know Feel Act! To Stop Marine Litter

The educational material “Know Feel Act! To Stop Marine Litter” aims to enable European formal and non-formal educators to take action to tackle the problem of litter in our seas and coasts.

The material can be used by educators wishing to inform, sensitise and motivate their target audiences on marine litter. The material can be used by formal (school) teachers as well as non-formal educators (such as staff of aquariums, environmental NGOs, museums, youth leaders, adult educators, etc). The eventual end-users (beneficiaries) of the material are young people aged 10-15 years. However, the content is highly flexible to be adjusted for younger and older audiences. 

The material contains 17 activities, each combining a learning part (4 pages) and a worksheet for the end-users i.e. learners (1 page). The activities are self-standing and can be applied separately or combined in clusters, according to the needs of the educator.

It has been produced in 15 Languages, all available to download here: 

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