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Immigrants as a potential source for growth and internationalisation in the educational field


The goal of the project Immigrants as a potential source for growth and internationalization in the educational field is to improve the employment prospects of immigrants living in the Pirkanmaa region in Finland. The organiser, the Summer University of Tampere, aims for growth in training activities. In the project, immigrants are perceived as a key factor enabling growth.The project will recruit immigrants living in the region to plan the Summer University course programme together with the university's personnel. The pilot aims at finding people who are interested in sharing their own expertise and acting as educators. The participants will be trained to recognise their own skills and how to market them. Guidance for how to plan and build education products is provided.

A model in which immigrants can bring their skills to upgrade training available in the Summer University, to employ themselves as educators and to gain experience on working as teachers that will benefit them in the future, will be created in the project.15 immigrants living in the Pirkanmaa region will participate in the project. During the project, a minimum of 10 new training events will be planned, with immigrants acting as teachers in these events.The project will be carried out between 1.9.2017-31.3.2018.

Read more about the project at the Summer University of Tampere's website.


Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

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This seems like a great solution to a problem which many Europeans seems to be complaining about but not doing nearly enough to fix. Since the immigrant crisis began it can be often heard that immigrants are a strain on our economies and bring very little or nothing to the table, not to mention the more negative aspects often associated with all immigrants as a whole. The approach which the Summer University of Tampere has taken here is a great way to lend a helping hand and ensure social rehabilitation and open possibilities for immigrants to successfully join our work force.
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This is a very interesting topic. In Malta we also have an influx of immigrants mainly from African countries. They come to Malta as a stepping stone into Europe. We also have immigrants from central Europe and countries such as India. These immigrants come to fill in vacancies in the labour market.
Our organization Future Focus Ltd provides many training opportunities for immigrants and these help them to integrate into the labour market.
This project that you write about here is of interest to us.
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