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InYouth Magazine: research for partners for REC Project

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InYouth Magazine is a project aimed at bringing together careleavers and ageing out around Europe to produce a pan-European on-line magazine focusing on youth conditions in Europe under their point of view. The magazine will be the result of a process implemented by the youngsters  who are presently living in reception centers and/or have just ageing out, under the coordination of social workers, operators and institutions/NGOs. 

The production of the magazine will represent the opportunity for the careleavers to get in touch with their peers in Europe, to raise confidence about their possibility to describe and interpret the reality around them as well as to influence and change it. Moreover, they can grow familiarity with the instrument of journalism and cultivate skills that may turn into future professional prospects.

We are currently looking for NGOs, Institutions, Organizations working with teenagers under the care of the State -or who have recently left- that are interested in participating in the carrying out the project. It will imply two phases: on the one hand, operators and institutions will be trained on how to carry out editorial work and how to coordinate the group of teens in producing the magazine. The second part will see the direct participation of the youngsters in the redaction of the magazine.

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CEIPES - Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell'Educazione e lo Sviluppo
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