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Join us for an Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership (ADULT EDUCATION):

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E.Ri.Fo. (Ente per la Ricerca e la Formazione) is looking for partners.

!!!! currently ONLY Public Bodies providing job services !!!


We are building a strategic partership (KA2) targeted to low-skilled adults job seekers that due to the impairment of their literacy, numeracy and digital skills experience persistent long-term unemployment. The project at issue is aimed to tackle the 21st century job skills gap as well as the socioeconomic vulnerability to which low-skilled and low-qualified people are usually exposed. That means to improve their overall life chances through an approach oriented to job requirements or, in short, to close the gap between the lacking skills and the actual needs of the current labour market. 

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Partnership Details
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Ven, 02/24/2017 - 01:00
E.Ri.Fo. Ente per la Ricerca e la Formazione
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