Get ready for the next online discussion on “Artificial Intelligence and Adult Education”

Get ready for the next online discussion on “Artificial Intelligence and Adult Education”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been lauded as a means to help educators better understand the knowledge base of students and build a personalised approach for each learner tailored to the learner’s specific needs. In the more experimental views, it involves the use of robots to supplement or replace the work of teachers.

What role can AI play in Adult Education in the future and will it change the way we work with adult learners?

On Wednesday 24 November 2021, from 10 am to 16 pm CET, EPALE will be hosting an online discussion where we will examine the role of Artificial Intelligence in Adult Education.   

The written discussion will be introduced by a live presentation by Wayne Holmes, UNESCO Consultant on AI and Education and Lecturer on Learning Sciences and Innovation, Institute of Education, University College London. He will examine the question of the role of AI in Adult Education: is it a help or a hindrance to adult learners?

At the end of the written discussion, the expert will wrap up the key points addressed in a second live stream session at 3.30 pm CET.

The discussion will include the following topics: 

  • In what ways might AI enhance Adult Education?

  • How do we ensure that AI doesn’t just automate poor pedagogic practices, but creates genuinely innovative Adult Education practices?

  • How do we ensure that the use of AI in Adult Education is ethical? What ethical issues do we need to address and how should we address them?

Save the date and join us to share your experiences and reflections with regard to AI and Adult Education!

Comments are already open so you can start sharing your thoughts and suggestions!

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