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EPALE Launch in Latvia

Pieaugušo neformālās izglītības jautājumi

On the 27th October EPALE LV was launced at a conference attended by around 100 Adult Education (AE) stakeholders: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Economics, EACEA representative, municipality representatives, HE representatives, NGO representatives, AE providers, teachers, journalists and employers.

Pieaugušo neformālās izglītības jautājumi

EPALE LV was opened by MoES director of Education Department Evija Papule and EACEA representative Panagiotis Karnavos. The conference was organized as national panel discussions: ministry representative panel, project experts panel, EPALE regional coordinators and National Coordinators in the regions panel. The outstanding lectures from the three invited guest speakers: Theres Kutlari from Switzerland, Leta Dromantiene from Lithuania and Kulli All from Estonia who gave talks on different subjects showing the challenges in their national countries led to the problems that Latvia is also facing (simultaneous translation was provided for everyone attending to be able to participate). It was a very fruitful and thought provoking conference where the national experts from NGOs, higher education establishments and AE providing institutions contributed by disclosing the issues that need to be tackled and at the same time providing some input for the resolution of the problems. It was a very intense day with plenty of information and fruitful discussion and the event can be regarded as a best practice sample in Latvia where all stakeholders cooperate and come together to bring forward the burning issues in adult education leading towards the issue identification and possible resolution.

From our Estonian colleague we learned that it is posisble to introduce outcome based nonformal education programme assessment; from Lithuanian colleague we learned that it is important to be involved in research work in order to learn more of adult learners needs and motivation, from our Swiss colleague we learned that nonformal education can be so popular and attractive that around 30% of Swiss population are regularly participating in some kind of learning, which created an admiration by Latvian colleagues.

The conference was broadcast in webinar sessions so that AE stakeholedrs from the regions could also participate and ask questions.

All the presentations are availabe at the MoES website here and on EPALE LV

By Silvija Kārkliņa, EPALE Latvia project manager

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