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BACKPACK ID- Tools for promoting inclusion, social justice and migration to students at the age 10- 15

The BACKPACK ID consortium (coming from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Germany and Sweden) proudly announces that the 3- year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission was successfully completed in December 2020.

BACKPACK ID, an innovative intervention aimed in promoting the inclusion of refugee children which are met with acute and very diverse challenges by the ongoing refugee crisis. Using a bottom-up participatory method, the BACKPACK ID addressed the importance of the students’ multiple identities and focused on refugees’ children social inclusion and interpersonal and intergroup understanding in the school environment. Also, the intervention attempted to highlight the role and importance of belonging that emerges through them, in order to make all students see -in an experiential way- elements of otherness in themselves.

The material produced in this project are an outcome of students and teachers work in the partner countries (Greece, Italy, Germany and Sweden), in an effort to explore the community’s memories, family journeys and transition stories. The students themselves 'discovered' as auto-ethnographers and expressed those feelings and experiecnes trough multimodal texts. The material produced are hosted in an interactive and user-friendly online platform developed by the expert partner in Cyprus.

Being involved in the creation of the material, the students had the chance to present elements of their own story (personal, family, or community), of which they feel proud and think and reflect on the power, as well as the fluidity, they can use to describe themselves.

Visit to explore the stories (e-book) and videos produced by the students. Also, if you are a teacher and wondering how you can use these material in your class, the Anthology and Teachers’ kit, produced by the teachers and researches of the BACKPACK ID team, can be also found and downloaded for free in the platform to support you during the implementations.The material are available in English, Greek, German, Italian and Swedish.

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