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Another Kind of Life when You do Global Social Work

This is an EPALE UK Star Supporter competition entry, showing the positive impact adult learning can have in the workplace. Simona Krasauskiene discusses her work on Erasmus+ projects and explores the impact she has on workplace learners. 

Simona working with a group

Living in the UK as a migrant from Europe

I am a Lithuanian woman, but at the same time I am a very global person. I believe that every person can create their own Dream Life. People who view and listen to my presentation about building multicultural cooperation are in general people with great potential for change. The best presentation should be a catalyst for action based on EU Erasmus and social values, which I live for. Since 2014 I have been a member of DRH worldwide network and started to work on Erasmus nonformal education development around the world. I have found this to be an excellent way of making an alliance with the audience, showing them how to make a better world and then encouraging them to act accordingly. My presentations about the Erasmus program bring people together in Norway, Austria, India, Cambodia and the Caribbean. People walk away from good presentations encouraged and uplifted because of new insights, new information and with ideas for how to take action on education and social development. 

Compared to other EU countries, I found out that citizens are more passive here in the UK regarding global development - they face a lack of information about the EU and Erasmus non formal education and mobility projects. 

My work on EU projects 

My projects in the UK empower adults aged 55+ and youth workers, with the goal of offering mobilities and international skills development to seniors and youth staff; also migrants and disadvantaged social groups visiting European organisations, with the aim of improving their professional and transversal skills.  

Making the impossible possible is my moto for life and through administration of European projects and through hundreds of local volunteering projects, I aim to work on interculturality and make day by day social impact in the following fields: 

  • Promotion of social inclusion, including career and professional guidance
  • Information on cultural activities and volunteering at local level
  • Promotion of intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity
  • Developing of educational tools for educators
  • Guidance on social equity  

A job-shadowing period abroad gives a chance for people to learn from each other and find the best solutions for society to keep European values of democracy and social equality. It’s just a great life school when you have to learn every day about the world and its people. 

Making music

As coordinator I create an impact: providing possibilities for adults to improve their professional and linguistic competences, increase motivation and confidence. I facilitate greater understanding and responsiveness to cultural diversity and understanding of social work due to different approaches (cultural, methodological, etc.) and mobility, by increasing UK participation in development projects around the world and promoting values, by enhancing intercultural and European awareness. 

My public presentations have influenced people around the world in local, national and global political fields, for example the need to combat against pollution and racism, the need to fight alongside disadvantaged communities and many more matters, which are crucial in today’s world.






Simona Krasauskiene 

Simona is the European Project Officer of Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service in the UK. Dacorum believe in bringing people together to achieve more in their communities and improve their quality of life. I was drawn to my current role after previous experiences as:

  • Erasmus Coordinator of Volunteers Projects in Norway, Cambodia, India, Caribbean 2015-2018
  • Erasmus Coordinator of Students and Staff Exchange between Lithuania and other EU countries + Norway, Turkey 2006-2014
  • Traineeship at EESC, Belgium 2005

Simona is also the mother of a baby girl and studied as a student at university in Lithuania 1998-2005.


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