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MATMER PROJECT is a good sample for workplace learning in Edremit

      Matmer workshop, supported by GMKA with a budget of 710,000 TL, was opened with a ceremony organized within the scope of the development of vocational training of Edremit Vocational Training Center. District Governor Ali SIRMALI, District National Education Director Yusuf KOÇ, Deputy Mayor Filiz SIRMALIUÇ, Sedat AVCI Director oF Edremit Public Training center and institution supervisors and professional chambers /sector representatives attended the opening ceremony.

   Turan Fırat Algül, Director of the institution: “within the scope of the project proposal call for 2018, our project titled " MATMER (Motor Vehicles Technology Center) with a budget of 710,000 (seven hundred thousand TL) successful within the scope of financial support program for the development of Vocational Education by  GMKA (South Marmara development agency). In accordance with today's scientific and technological developments, we aimed to educate individuals who have gained professional competence to meet the needs of the sector and to set up a workshop. For this purpose, our technical staff trained in the courses opened within Edremıt  Public Education Center.''

    ''Today, we live together with the happiness and excitement of realizing the opening of our workshop, which has been completed. After the matmer project was started with the construction of a 420 square meter workshop within the school, the purchase and installation of machinery and equipment required to be found in an automotive service such as exhaust inspection, brake and shock absorber testing, pre-arrangement adjustment and tire repair, engine maintenance and fault testing continued with the following courses after installation. In the first stage of the project, 350 people were given courses and training, Lego/robot designs and applications to help students develop psychomotor behaviors and create new models using imagination. In order to solve the need for qualified personnel in this area of Edremit Bay, a workshop was held with the sector and protocols were prepared. In line with the expectations, training targets were set up and in Edremit, the quality of education in this area was improved and training was given in accordance with the requirements of the age. With the approval of the revolving fund, vehicle owners will be allowed to benefit from the workshop under suitable conditions, thus contributing to the economy with service production.”

    After the opening ceremony, the ceremony ended with sample applications.


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