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26 Feb

How can the event sector better cope with security and Covid challenges ?

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SAFE event online

SAFE is a European project, led by PRODISS since 2018 with 8 other European partners specialised in the live and event security industry. Its objective is to develop the skills of professionals in charge of the security of events and music venues

In 2020, SAFE has evolved to address the issue of health security as one of its priorities, in order to rapidly provide practical and theoretical solutions to the main challenges of crowd management in times of health crisis. The concert-tests currently being held throughout Europe, and soon in France, are at the heart of the project consortium's reflections.


PRODISSiSSUEThe Lynk and Le LABA are organising a final online event to share the results of 3 years of research and experimentation.

  • the implementation of innovative safety education programmes for event professionals 
  • the study on the impact of the health crisis on the events sector 
  • the SAFE-HACKATHON event and the results of its 4 challenges : data collection and processing, spectator experience, flow management and social distancing and social acceptance

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PRODISS - iSSUE - The Lynk - Le LABA

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Maud GARI (Le LABA) -
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> 200
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The SAFE project is an Erasmus+ funded initiative lead by PRODISS (France) since 2017. It engages some of the most influential networks in the event sector in Europe, including the ILMC (International Live Music Conference – UK), the EAA (European Arena Association), BDKV (Bundesverband der Konzert- und Veranstaltungswirtschaft – Germany), Wallifornia Music Tech (Belgium), amongst other European partners. The SAFE project aims to disseminate knowledge and innovation at all levels, from local to international, focusing on the skills and competence development of the event community across Europe. Therefore, two innovative learning programmes have been created by a team of high-level experts at the heart of the SAFE project: Laura Brands and Gerard van Duykeren (TSC – The Netherlands), Chris Kemp (Mind over Matter – UK) and Pascal Viot (iSSUE – Switzerland). Following a 3-year process of pooling expertise at a European level. The development of these courses incorporates contributions from today’s leading specialists in event security and crowd management.
Risultati di apprendimento previsti
The SAFE project will develop several types of activities for the development of adult skills and qualifications :
– Learning activities on the themes mentioned, bringing together music and safety professionals in Europe as well as technological start-ups (trainings / Hackathons)
– Creation of certificates for the target audiences of the project (responsible for the safety of the music sector and security agents)
– Digital resource platform on technological and economic innovation issues related to security issues in the music and event sectors
– Transnational events of dissemination of intellectual productions of the project: Certificates, digital and economic resources
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