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Anna Soffía Óskarsdóttir

Anna Soffía Óskarsdóttir, samfélagssaga frá Íslandi

How did Anna Soffía's organisation reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic? Since Fjölmennts provides a wide range of courses for teaching disabled people, most of their learners have severe to profound learning disabilities. So, distance education has therefore been a great challenge. Let's find out their...

Hildur Vignir

Hildur Vignir, samfélagssaga frá Íslandi

In February and March when it became evident that COVID-19 was going to change the world, at the IÐAN Education Center they decided to move quickly. In just a few weeks, they revolutionised their teaching methods. Before they gave courses at the educational center but were in the process of...

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You can find inspiration from the pool of good practices and success stories, projects that distinguished themselves in terms of policy relevance.

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