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We are looking for partners for a Erasmus KA204 project about cancer awareness

Upphafsdagsetning | Posted on Þri, 02/18/2020 - 10:10

Our project, which we are looking for partners, is about cancer awareness in Europe.

The project aims to develop, implement, and evaluate an adult education program for strengthening early diagnosis and screening awareness in cancer. Both the training of health professionals and public education are seen as an essential step.

The objectives of this project are;

  • Prioritizing primary and secondary protection,
  • Cancer prevention - the key to early diagnosis is to strengthen risk and healthy living knowledge, to create attitude and behavior change,
  • Recognizing, caring, having information about early symptoms of cancers,
  • To take attention to community-based screening programs,
  • Contributing to the enrichment and development of applications,
  • Increasing participation in screening programs,
  • Working and communicating with primary healthcare professionals, exchanging information,
  • Raising awareness among healthcare professionals.

Kayseri Kocasinan district health directorate will be assuming the coordinator’s role.

If you are interested in the project, please contact us via email.


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