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A Balancing Act - Describing skills acquired in the workplace (full version)

The object of this project is to develop a model and method to describe skills acquired in the workplace, so that they can be understood in the wider context of working life as well as in the formal education system.

This project does not aim to compare or contrast skills acquired in the workplace with those acquired in formal education, rather, it enhances a broader understanding of the development of skills in the workplace. This is what lies at the heart of the project. We believe that once the proposed method and model is in active use, it will lead to more relevant and accurate skills assessments in the workplace and in the formal education system.

The project has focused on skills development in the retail sector, however, we believe that the model and method described in the report and tested in three separate case studies, can be transferred to any workplace.

The method and model have been developed in close collaboration with the following three Norwegian retail chains: Kiwi, Meny and IKEA. These chains have contributed both with written materials and through a series of interviews Altogether, there were 22 interviews conducted with employees in the abovementioned retail chains, in addition to interviews and an ongoing dialogue with central leadership in the chains.


Project management: Virke - The enterprise Federation of Norway

Collaborating partners: NHO - The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, LO - The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, YS - The Confederation of Vocational Unions

From retail: Kiwi, Meny, IKEA

External evaluators: Fafo/Saga Corporate Advisors

Financed by: The Ministry of Education and Research

To see the short version of this report: A Balancing Act - Describing skills acquired in the workplace(short version)


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Tormod Skjerve and Eleni Simeou
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