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What is EPALE?

EPALE is a multilingual open membership community for teachers, trainers, researchers, academics, policy makers and anyone else with a professional role in adult learning across Europe.

EPALE is funded by the European Commission, as the latest development in an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of adult learning provision in Europe.

Community is at the heart of EPALE. It is set up around the sharing of content related to adult learning, including news, blog posts, resources, and events and courses.

Members of the community can engage with adult learning colleagues across Europe through the site’s features including online discussions and debates, communities of practice, rating content and commenting under blog posts. Members can also interact with their peers across Europe and by requesting a collaborative space i.e. a private space within EPALE which allows them to have discussions, upload documents, share news and highlight relevant events in the specific group calendar. Members can also find projects and make professional connections using the Partner Search.

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