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Growth Through People

The report, Growth Through People, calls for employers to lead the way, working with unions and the government, to ensure the UK has the skilled workforce needed to create better jobs and fight off international competition.

Over the last 20 years, as technology infiltrates most working practices, 4.6 million more high-skill jobs and 1.3 million lower-skill jobs have been created, whilst the number of roles requiring traditional mid-level skills, such as secretarial and clerical roles has declined. As a result, the authors say that the career ladder has become harder to climb and it is more difficult for the workplace to facilitate social mobility.

The report outlines the following priorities to help employees get a job, progress in their career and move into higher level skilled roles:

  • Employers should lead on skills and government should enable them by continuing to value partnership working;
  • Improving workplace productivity should be recognised as the key route to increasing pay and prosperity;
  • Earning and learning should be the gold standard in vocational education, and employers should be encouraged to develop quality 'earn while you learn' routes suited to their industries, including apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships in the creative industries
  • Education and employers should be better connected to prepare people for work;
  • Success should be measured by a wider set of outcomes, not just educational attainment, including outcomes such as jobs progression and pay.
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UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)
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