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How does EPALE relate to Erasmus+?


Erasmus+(link is external) is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020, which aims to increase the quality and relevance of qualifications and skills. It supersedes the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)(link is external).

Erasmus+ is open to students, teachers, apprentices, volunteers, youth leaders and people working in grassroots sport. It also provides funding for partnerships between educational institutions, youth organisations, enterprises, local and regional authorities and NGOs, as well as support for reforms in Member States to modernise education and training and to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and employability.

The Erasmus+ programme funds EPALE through Key Activity 2; it is supported under article 14.1.b of the legal decision(link is external) adopting the Erasmus+ programme and focuses upon adult learning and continuing education and training (C-VET).


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