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EPALE A felnőttkori tanulás elektronikus európai platformja


Oktatási módszerek

vasárnap 5 január 2020, Greece

Course 1: Approaching Learning Difficulties in a school community environment: Teaching children how to learn in Mixed Ability Classes

Course 1: Approaching Learning Difficulties in a school community environment: Teaching children how to learn in Mixed Ability Classes 5 days,

ERASMUS+ KA1 Training Course in Thessaloniki:

1. 24 th to 28th of August 2020,

2. 22nd to 26th of March 2021

Minimum participants number 7 & maximum 15



hétfő 3 május 2021 - péntek 7 május 2021, Spain

English for Educators: advance your career (level I)

This course is ideal for all those working in the field of education (primary, secondary and university teachers, university staff (academic & admin), adult educators, trainers & coaches) who want to improve their level of spoken and written English. It aims to give participants an overview of English grammar and vocabulary with special focus on acquiring and improving language skills in a dynamic and communicative way, through individual, pair and group work. Course participants are provided with a combination of online resources, a variety of media and authentic and interesting texts. Emphasis is placed on developing the strategies for effective listening, reading and speaking in both informal and formal settings. Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate improved comprehension, accuracy and fluency, which will enable them to participate in activities appropriate to academic and professional settings. This course although structured, is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the participants. Important note: ‘English for Educators: advance your career (Level I)’ course is for teachers/educators and administrative workers who have an Elementary (A2) up to Intermediate (B1) level of English, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
hétfő 12 április 2021 - péntek 16 április 2021, Spain

Train the Trainer

‘Train the trainer’(TRTR) is an essential course for all those promoted to a training supervisory role as well as to all those wishing to refresh/enhance theirTRTR (2) training skills. The course covers a variety of topics which are fundamental for successfully running a course, such as writing a structured training course as well as an overview of effective training skills. Moreover, the course deals with effective training practices and procedures and emphasizes on the importance of body language and voice projection. ‘Train the trainer’ course also covers the pros and cons of classroom training versus individual/one-to-one training and how the trainer can create a fully ‘engaged’ audience and ensure the active participation of all delegates. This course equips the participants with the necessary skills to handle questions and manage difficult trainees. It is ideal not only for those who want to improve their training skills but also those wishing to know the essentials of developing, organizing and running training programmes as well as those involved in the implementation of training policy and improvement of staff competency levels. This is a masterclass course for trainers, teachers in supervisory role, training managers, Human Resources staff and professionals responsible/in charge of the development of staff competence level as an integral part of the overall business development strategy.
hétfő 5 április 2021 - péntek 9 április 2021, Spain

ICT skills for Educators

Computing and IT is required by all businesses and jobs in today’s world. Information and Communication technology (ICT) has the potentialict_3 to transform teaching and learning processes. According to a recent study in OECD countries, students are more sophisticated in their use of technology than teachers; an inherent discrepancy between student knowledge and usage of ICTs with the abilities of teacher to use ICTs. This suggest that teacher inexperience and skill deficiencies may often be a fundamental factor which prevents the effectiveness of ICT use in education. The same study reveals that the most effective uses of ICT are those in which the teacher, aided by ICTs, may challenge understanding and thinking of pupils, and this can be done through whole-class discussions and/or individual/small group workshops using ICTs. Nowadays, it is widely accepted that the use of ICTs should not aim at completely transforming teacher practices in and of itself but rather enabling and supporting the move from traditional ‘teacher-centric’ teaching styles to more ‘learner-centric’ methods. In other words, making each one of the students active and fully engaged. The ‘ICT skills for Educators’ course is designed to enable participants to improve their teaching practices with the use of specific ICT tools, such as smart boards, web conferencing and webinars, among others, thus, creating a ‘learner-centric’ classroom. This is an ideal course for all teachers, educators & trainers interested in continuing professional development (CPD).

Course 1: Approaching Learning Difficulties in a school community environment: Teaching children how to learn in Mixed Ability Classes

Course 1: Approaching Learning Difficulties in a school community environment: Teaching children how to learn in Mixed Ability Classes 5 days, ERASMUS+ KA1 Training Course in Thessaloniki:

1. 24 th to 28th of August 2020,

2. 22nd to 26th of March 2021

Minimum participants number 7 & maximum 15


Tenerife Courses are looking for Job-shadowing and KA1 Course

On behalf of Tenerife Courses consortium, we would like to invite you to do a job-shadowing visit in Tenerife or attend one of our KA1 Erasmus courses in Canary Islands, Spain. We are a host organization, EDUPLUS Association, that created a network of educational professionals, non-profit organizations and schools and we collaborate with a wide variety of institutions you can visit.

European mobility traineeships and placements for groups in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) field

*We provide suitable companies to the participants for internship with the social and cultural support needed during mobility.
*Our team guarantees continuous communication through different channels (email, phone, whatsapp). It is part of our mentality to follow up every subject that the participants need.
* We are very careful when choosing the companies for internship program. Internship places are prestigious places with a national and international position in the relevant field.

Vana aasta ja uue aasta vahele jääb vaid sekundiseier. Mitte sekundiseier pole see, mis suunab eesmärkide seadmisele, lubaduste andmisele - eesmärgi püstitamine algab vabadusest võtta vastutus, sisemisest motivatsioonist, endas rõõmu allika leidmisest, positiivsest pingest ja pühendumisest.
1 január 2020
létrehozta Daisi Lorents
1 Hozzászólások

The FORMALAB as a third place for learning is polyfunctional, open, flexible, mobilizable; it is based on the presumption of competence in individuals; it breaks codes and opens spaces of freedom to learn; it develops collaborative, cooperative, facilitating and stimulating approaches.

Das FORMALAB als dritter Lernort ist polyfunktional, offen, flexibel, mobilisierbar; es basiert darauf, Individuen Kompetenz zuzusprechen; es bricht mit Codes und eröffnet freie Räume zum Lernen; es entwickelt kollaborative,  kooperative, unterstützende und stimulierende Ansätzw.

Ideą projektu DigiAdults jest zgłębienie tematu używania narzędzi cyfrowych oraz ocena wpływu wykorzystania narzędzi cyfrowych i internetu na wzmocnienie pozycji osób dorosłych zagrożonych wykluczeniem cyfrowym. Projekt zakłada opracowanie i przeprowadzenie warsztatów/szkoleń pod hasłem: „W świecie cyfrowym”. Szczegółowe tematy mają być ustalone przez każdą instytucję. Opisy programów szkoleń lub warsztatów zostaną udostępnione w sieci w postaci online resource center.

In November 2019, two colleagues from the Belgian PCVO Het Perspectief (center for adult education) went to Larnaca (Cyprus) as part of the European KA1 project 'Glans met tweede kans' (GLAMET). The purpose of this visit was to carry out a job shadowing / teaching assignment at a school that only provides second-chance education in order to develop and shape the center's second-chance education.

31 december 2019
létrehozta Willem De Meyer

In november 2019 trokken twee collega's van PCVO Het Perspectief naar Larnaca (Cyprus) in het kader van het Europees KA1-project 'Glans met tweede kans'. Het doel van dit bezoek was om een jobshadowing/teaching assignment uit te voeren bij een school die uitsluitend tweedekansonderwijs geeft om het eigen tweedekansonderwijs uit te bouwen en vorm te geven.

31 december 2019
létrehozta Willem De Meyer

Constellations are very useful tools for working with individuals and teams. The constellations that originate from Bert Hellinger’s work and systematic coaching are nothing but a set of elements that create a pattern and have their own structure. This is a live map of the client that represents his internal relationship landscape.

W 2020 roku w dniach 20-22 maja 2020 roku Uniwersytet we Florencji będzie gospodarzem wiosennej konferencji ATEE (Stowarzyszenie Eształcenia Nauczycieli w Europie). Głównym tematem konferencji będzie krytyczne spojrzenie na rolę technologii cyfrowych i mediów w edukacji nauczycieli poprzez określenie relacji między technologią/ mediami a edukacją w świetle stale rosnących nierówności społecznych.

„Katalog dobrych praktyk” przedstawiony w formie kilkunastominutowego filmiku, podczas którego przedstawiciele każdego z partnerów opowiadają w swoim ojczystym języku na temat innowacyjnych metod i technik edukacji Generacji Z. Aby ułatwić zrozumienie wszystkim zainteresowanym, film został opatrzony napisami w języku angielskim.

Artykuł, który za chwilę przeczytasz, porusza kwestię budowania bezpieczeństwa i więzi w grupie szkoleniowej. Na przykładzie dwóch prostych aktywności, które możesz zaproponować grupie w początkowym etapie szkolenia, zastanowimy się: Jak budować bezpieczeństwo w grupie szkoleniowej? Co uczestnicy powinni wiedzieć o sobie nawzajem? Jak zaplanować ćwiczenie, by budowało bezpieczeństwo uczestników w czasie szkolenia.

The article you are about to read raises the issue of creating safety and connection in a training group. We present two simple activities that you can start your training with, and we will focus on the following questions:

Jednym z bardzo przydatnych narzędzi do pracy zarówno z klientami indywidualnymi, jak i z zespołami, są konstelacje. To nic innego, jak mający własną strukturę układ elementów tworzących wzór - żywa mapa klienta, która przedstawia jego wewnętrzny obraz relacji. Ułożenie tej mapy w przestrzeni sesji coachingowej, pozwala lepiej opisać świat klienta, dostrzec ukryte w nim dynamiki, odkryć wewnętrzne zasoby i ujawnić nowe informacje. To z kolei oznacza większą kontrolę klienta nad jego zdrowiem, pracą, finansami i związkami z innymi ludźmi.

“La mente di Leonardo”, un paradigma pedagogico attuale è il titolo del seminario organizzato presso la IUL di Firenze, condotto dal rettore Alessandro Mariani lo scorso 17 dicembre 2019. In visita a Firenze, ho ritagliato un pomeriggio per ascoltare relatori che mi hanno dato una rilettura moderna di Leonardo da Vinci come emblema di una pedagogia e di forme di apprendimento attualissime, ferma restando la genialità originaria del personaggio.


Dear all,

My name is Sona Stefkova, and I represent an adult educational company in Bratislava (Slovakia) -
We are interested to be a partner in your KA204 or KA205 projects, we can offer best practice and trainings related to soft-skills, self-development and leadership topics. We also have experiences leading Erasmus+ project (we are recently leading partner and partner of different projects).

Our main areas of educating and focus are:

In June 2018 I and two colleagues Hans and Jona from Permaculture Sweden joined the ten day Training of Teachers course at the Inkpot in the UK, co-taught by Hannah Thorogood and Aranya.  We participated as part of Permaculture Sweden’s "Capacity Building for Permaculture Teachers 2018" project, funded by Erasmus+ Adult Education Staff Mobility, Learning Experiences for Individuals. 

25 december 2019
létrehozta Jeff Ranara

Multimedia and Interactivity in Adult Education

We are looking for a partner in an Adult Education KA 2 Exchange of ideas and good practices from Portugal (Region: Azores, Madeira)

Topics: Multimedia and Interactivity in Adult Education

Preconditions: We expect that the partner is experienced in implementing technology enhanced courses, Involved in implementing Adult Education courses, is experienced with multimedia and the production of multimedia-based and interactive content.


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