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One of our customers, Il Portico Social Cooperative ( , is interested in finding an Erasmus+ KA2 project under Strategic partnership for innovation / exchange of good practices, regarding PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION (E.G. NURSERIES, PRE-SCHOOL

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OUR CUSTOMER “IL PORTICO” SOCIAL COOPERATIVE ( WISHES TO TAKE PART IN A PROJECT UNDER ERASMUS + KA2 ACTION - Strategic partnerships. In doing so, it would like to be involved in a project focusing on exchange of good practices / innovation regarding pre-school education, nurseries, young people (to a lesser extent).

Its targets are nursery schools, kindergartens and their staff (educators, coordinators, nutritionists, paediatricians, psychologists).

The cooperative provides services to children and their families using innovative methods and promotes social inclusion in collaboration with public and private local partners. More in detail, the cooperative works in the following main areas:

•             NURSERIES AND PRE – SCHOOLS MANAGEMENT: Including education, facilities management, ancillary and supporting activities.

•             CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE PROTECTION – EDUCATIONAL AND RESIDENTIAL SERVICES: including education, facilities management, ancillary and supporting activities


Currently, Il Portico is putting a STRONG EFFORT IN DEVELOPING SEVERAL THEMES which, maybe, could be of your interest such as:

  • TRAINING FOR OPERATORS working in nursery and pre-school education (teachers, psychologists, coordinators, cookers, etc,...)
  • INNOVATION OF EDUCATION PRACTICES in nursery and pre-school educatioN
  • HEALTHY EATING for children
  • SOCIAL INCLUSION ad Integration

We are certainly open to deepen some of them together.

As an example, at the moment, the cooperative is strongly promoting a project which advocate healthy eating for children aged 0 to 6 in collaboration with all the actors involved: suppliers, families, public bodies and a national company that deals with the traceability certification.

The project focuses on the following fields: healthy eating, taste and ethics, prevention and health, sports and movement, environment, “training the trainers”, information.

Nevertheless, “Il Portico” also works in other projects and activities, linked to the above mentioned themes

As a matter of fact, we are really interested in starting a collaboration with you in order to develop future project proposals.

Kindly waiting for your response.


Partnership Details
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2020. 12. 31., cs – 01:00
Consulmarc Sviluppo Srl
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