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Studying with mental health issues

This manual contains practical tools for the daily guidance of students with mental health problems in higher education. Besides guidance, also signalling and referral are central. Many psychological complaints are expressed for the first time during the study period. Higher education can be the first place where people signal 'that something is wrong'. The purpose of this manual is to equip supervisors better to approach students with psychological complaints openly and to supervise them as optimally as possible.


The report of ResearchNed and ITS Nijmegen (2012) shows that four percent of the students have a mental illness, ADHD and autism/related disorder not included. When not only mental illness, but more general psychological complaints such as stress, fear of failure and fatigue are considered, this figure is much higher.


The Handicap + studie expert centre conducted an inventory study among its contact persons in higher education. This inventory showed that student counsellors, student counsellors and student psychologists are dealing with an increasing number of students who are struggling with psychological complaints. Therefore, there is a need for more expertise in the field of guiding students with psychological complaints.


The Handicap + studie expert centre made this manual for (study) counsellors of students with psychological complaints in consultation with a sounding board group consisting of students, student counsellors, student psychologists and professionals from the mental healthcare institution.

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