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The implementation of electronic-digital technology in the car has results in the impact on the ways, methods, instruments and devices relating to measuring and trouble shooting of the various systems.Rapid developments are arising in mechanics of cars and create new needs and new professions, the "Technical Mechatronics" will maintain, regulate,  diagnoses and repairs the car mechatronic systems. These needs filled our proposal for erasmus+ and  seeked to help students change their views  and their teachers about the car. And aimed to enhance the knowledge-skills of teachers on the one hand and knowledge-skills of the students from the other so as to consolidate their competitive edge in the job market.Essential and primary element in our more ambitious proposal was the initial training of teachers of Engineering specialty of Evening EPAL Evosmos in  new entrants technologies and conveying this knowledge to students and teachers of the Unit.It refered to the mobility of 7 teachers and 16 students of Evening EPAL Evosmos, in Lisbon, Portugal, in April 2018 for 15 days.The first group of participating teachers will be composed of 7 professors of Evening EPAL Evosmos especially the Engineering sector. The teachers  were teachers of Vocational Education with extensive experience and brilliant studies. All of them have degrees from universities or colleges, trainings on the subject of their work and in educational matters. They are possessed by a strong desire training in the subject they teach and refresh their knowledge.The second group would involved 16 students of the Engineering sector of Evening EPAL Evosmos. Participants are taught as part of their curriculum: Engineering - Strength of Materials, Machine Elements, Electric Car system Car System, etc .. They have knowledge of specialized vocational training, interests and concerns for the future.They come from environments with low economic indicator, are adults, unemployed, many of them are immigrants who chose to train in new skills in order to facilitate the job.

The objectives of the program:• To train the  teachers and pupils of the unit, to develop their knowledge and skills in modern automotive technology• Be knowledgeable in instruments and measuring and control devices, modern components of electrical circuits in microprocessors, new sensors and actuators car, in self-diagnostic systems• To be able to use all of the above systems for monitoring and diagnosing car problems with safety• Get to know the different cultures of the EU and to understand and appreciate the diversity of European cultures and languages• To obtain the Europass certificate• To disseminate the results of the program.

In addition to the students:• Get to know the real requirements of a job through professional visits• To promote students' entrepreneurship through planned and modern vocational education and training•To  acquire the possibility of finding a job in a foreign countryIn addition to teachers:• To improve the education provided by the Evening EPAL Evosmos, incorporating new knowledge into curricula and new innovative teaching methods.•To relate EPAL with the labor market.•To acquire acquaintances with the   teachers Portugal and encouraged to collaborate with them in future programs

The implementation of all or some of these goals had the following results and benefits: participating students and teachers are able to respond to the breakdown and recovery requirements of an electronic car system, students can now more easily be absorbed in the corresponding positions labor,the teachers can promote their course and level of EPAL Evosmos services offered.We hope  the plan became a catalyst towards xenophobia, prejudice and lifestyle ignorance and work of our partners in order to fight in the way of the possible different forms of exclusion and enhanced self-confidence, self-preservation and the team running spirit and communication.

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