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Work Based Basic Skills - Challenges for Trainers in Europe

This specialist publication, composed by six entities from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, Malta, Switzerland, aims to analyse the cross-national and country specific similarities and differences to better understand where research, policy focus and training should be directed in relation to work-based basic skills (Work-based basic skills (WBBS) refers to the necessary skills that a person holds in order to participate and work successfully at the working place.).This report serves to highlight best practices that are already taking place in order to see how the different partner countries can adapt, influence and implement such measures in their current work procedures and systems.Profi-Train aims at using the knowledge base provided by many previous experiences of work-based learning, to make a contribution to professionalization of the sector through the development of a transferable professional training concept for teaching, consulting experts and planners in the field of vocational training for adults.Profi-Train also aims at the development of a transferable and flexible professional training concept for experts in adult education and vocational training – teaching, guiding and disposing experts – in order to contribute to professional development and on this for the professionalization of the initiative “work-based basic skills for low-qualified employees”. Therefore, the target group for the Profi-Train professional development courses are the professionals in adult education and vocational training: teachers, trainers, learning guides, consultants and the experts in planning functions in adult education and vet-institutions. Profi-Train understands work-based basic skills training as a concept where courses are tailored made to the specific needs of both the employee and the company, individualized and oriented to changing requirements on the basic competencies of the workforce.

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Christianne Fenech
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