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Viibeke Turba: curious people are happy people

They say curious people are happy people. I can confirm that my work makes me happy.

Viibeke TurbaShort bio

I have been working at Võrumaa Vocational Education Center since 2005. In addition to my main job, I have also worked as an adult educator. I have passed the vocational teacher, level 7 and adult educator, level 6 professional exams. In 2022, I was chosen as the laureate of Põlvamaa Educator of the Year.

My story

My career as an educator has progressed naturally. Both my parents and my brother are directly or indirectly involved in education, so education is in my blood. Even my husband is a teacher by education, although he no longer works in this field. It's nice to see how synergy is created in the training group: joint efforts are made to solve problems, and successes are celebrated together.The trainer is not to offer the right answers but to create a suitable toolbox for crafting solutions for the training participant with the help of meaningful questions and the right amount of shared pieces of knowledge. The best feedback I received on one training recently was: "It was so nice that the trainer listened and let us talk."

They say curious people are happy people. I can confirm that my work makes me happy.

A good trainer is always a fan of his field, and the great charm of a trainer's life is constant self-development related to the field. Eyes and ears are always ready to put different thoughts aside for training. So often, for example, during a negative customer experience, I have caught myself smiling, thinking, "Oh, what a good example I can write down here for the next training session." In addition, it's great when the ideas and solutions generated by the training participants are actually implemented.

I like to hear about the endeavors and activities of my training participants even after the training is over. It often happens that the participants write and share their thoughts, ideas, and joys even when quite a long time has passed since the training. In this way, I have been a part of many success stories of small entrepreneurs - from the creation of an idea to the expansion of the company. In such moments, I especially feel that my work is useful.  

My motto

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