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28 Mar

Mastering Theory-Based Impact Evaluation, Maastricht (NL), 28-29 March 2017


What is this course about?In the past, evaluation focused to a large extent on the mechanisms of delivering programmes or projects. In other words, it focused on the implementation process. Relatively little attention was paid to evaluating the impact of interventions that were being financed.

While in recent years substantial efforts have been made to promote and disseminate quantitative counter-factual impact evaluation practice, there is much less sharing of good practice concerning so-called theory-based impact evaluation. However, while counter-factual impact evaluation can tell us the extent of the impact made by an intervention, theory-based impact evaluation is crucial to increasing our understanding of why certain interventions do or do not work. Without this understanding, it is impossible to improve interventions. In addition, in many cases counter-factual impact evaluation is not actually a viable method, and then theory-based evaluation can still inform how the intervention is contributing to change.

This seminar will therefore focus on this theory-based impact evaluation, drawing on the latest advances made in terms of methodology. The most cited methods – process tracing, congruence analysis, Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), Pawson and Tilley’s realist evaluation and Mayne’s contribution analysis – will all be covered and put into perspective. Several cases will be used to explain these methods. You will also undertake a number of exercises to better understand the methods. An important focus of the course will be to show you how theory-based impact evaluation can match the rigour associated with counter-factual impact evaluation.

The seminar is aimed at those with experienced in impact evaluation who wish to further advance their capabilities in this field.How will it help you?The seminar will enable you to design and commission theory-based impact evaluations.Who will benefit most?This two-day seminar is aimed at public officials from EU Member States, candidate countries, the EU institutions and other multilateral institutions, as well as auditors, consultants, staff of NGOs, and other stakeholders involved in the process of impact evaluation of policies, programmes and projects.

Event Details
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European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 22
NL-6211 HE Maastricht (NL), Netherlands
Tel.: +31 43 3296 222
Ms Eveline Hermens
Programme Organiser
European Institute of Public Administration
OLV plein 22, Maastricht (NL), Netherlands
Tel.: +31 43 3296 259; E-mail:
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The seminar is aimed at those with experienced in impact evaluation who wish to further advance their capabilities in this field.
The seminar will enable you to design and commission theory-based impact evaluations.
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At the end of the seminar you will have a better understanding of:
• When theory-based impact evaluation might be a better alternative to counter-factual impact evaluation
• How theory-based impact evaluation can be applied to maximise the benefits of using it.
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