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We want to participate in a K204 or K3 project

Započeo/la | Posted on sri, 01/15/2020 - 21:23

HEURA is a Spanish association founded with the main aim of promoting women managing capacity and initiative. Therefore, on one hand, HEURA has the function of providing support to all activities made by women; on the other hand, it offers a wide range of cultural activities, trying to cover the lack of most of these activities among wide sectors of population, especially women of the neighbourhood in which Heura is placed.

Heura has a women group that gathers once a month to discuss topics that the women in the group consider relevant, and to organize activities for the school and for the neighbourhood. Moreover, the School for Adults at La Verneda-Sant Martí, which Heura manages, has been the first to implement Feminist Dialogic Gatherings since January 2019, where women are reading texts from authors like Bell Hooks or Lidia Puigvert.

Asides from various local projects, some of the European projects Heura has participated on are:

  • Intercultural Dialogue on Violence against Women (2007-2008).
  • European Women. Images of Interaction (2003-2005). Socrates Programme: Grundtvig-2.

We are interested in participating in K2 or K3 projects that promote women managing capacity and initiative and that are in line with our goals.  It would be our first time participating in an Erasmus+ project. If you would like us to be your partner please do not hesitate to contact us:


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