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Only coordinator for KA2 with Intellectual Output - Stand up and start up! Women generating business Ideas

Započeo/la | Posted on čet, 02/27/2020 - 17:25

"Stand up and start up! Women generating business Ideas"  is a project aimed to empowering women coming from different educational background on how to become self-employed and more economical independent throught acquiring entrepreneurship competences, marketing and e-learning skills. It also aims at acquiring new digital competences and open sources tools for women that would like to start a business.

The action is mainly focused to reduce the gender gap in terms of self-employment and lower-paid jobs between man and women. For this, tailored learning opportunities will be offered to the target groups of the project through the implementation of ad hoc training courses. 

Intellectual Outputs:

1) Development of a questionnaire to understand women needs and obstacles to enter the labour market. Report/research about the state of the art on self-employment women and based on women need

3) Curriculum setting - Competence checks for the target group are developed using an inclusive approach. Due to the competence checks, modules are offered which enable the participants to start-ups.

4) Online learning tools to contain all the material like webinars, podcasts etc.

Expected results:

  • Analysis & Report
  • Training course
  • Open educational resources and computer tools

Target group/beneficiary:

Women of all ages (unemployed, employees, educated, non educated, school and university dropouts, with and without vocational training, migrants women)

Duration: 24 months

Partnership Details
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sri, 03/04/2020 - 01:00
Akademie für Politische Bildung und demokratiefördernde Maßnahmen
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