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One of our customers is interested in finding an Erasmus+ KA2 project under Strategic partnership for innovation / exchange of good practices, regarding autistic young people's training and the promotion of their social inclusion

Započeo/la | Posted on sri, 02/26/2020 - 10:41

OUR CUSTOMER “MASSENZIO ETICA E AUTISMO SRL” WISHES TO TAKE PART IN A PROJECT UNDER ERASMUS + KA2 ACTION - Strategic partnerships. In doing so, it would like to be involved in a project focusing on exchange of good practices / innovation regarding the creation of educational paths for the personal well-being, the achievement of working / professional skills and the social inclusion of autistic young people.

Massenzio Etica e Autismo Srl  is a non-profit  company founded in 2013 in Rome for civic and humanitarian purposes and social utility. Its work is particularly oriented to the protection, the treatment and the enhancement of people affected by autism or other psychological illnesses, providing services of general interest such as:

- tailored interventions

- cultural activities of social interest with an educational scope

-organisation and management of cultural, artistic and leisure activities

-services designed to enhance the integration, or reintegration, of disadvantaged  and disabled people into the labour market .

At the moment, Massezio Etica e Autismo is developing a cohousing project named "Spazi solari" which answers to the families' desire of giving to their autistic kids a happy and independent life. The building will include a family home, one or more offices, common areas, laboratories and living spaces. In those areas autistic young people will live together with their families, as well as operators, artisans and artists who will help them in (re)integrating in the labour market and the social environment.

That’s why the project makes available spaces for many different activities in order to create an open, vast and heterogeneous community, which will promote the kids' integration within the local society.

Some of the possible activities that will be organised are:

- Educational activities for disease prevention, physical and mental health,

- Training and sensibilisation on the social environment's effects on autistic symptoms,

- Workshops on artistic techniques (etching, painting, sculpture, pottery)

- Artistic education

- Development of working skills: gardens and vegetables gardens care, herbal medicine, special ironing (for the cohousing residents and local laundries)

- Group activities for personal growth

- Activities involving the local community: open days, days dedicated to disability-related issues, arts and volunteering.

Moreover, the project is supported by four different associations which works together and provide their expertise in many areas:

-the study of the scientific evolution of autism and its possible treatments,

-the artisanal and artistic field,

-the creation of spaces devoted to work and artistic life.

All these elements are addressed to the creation of an educational model targeting not only the achievement of working skills, but also to the personal well-being of the individual through artistic activities and treatment and rehabilitation programmes.

If you have questions about some of our activities, we are certainly open to deepen them together, especially the ones linked to the project "Spazi Solari".

Above all, we are really interested in starting a collaboration with you in order to develop future project proposals.

Kindly waiting for your response.


Partnership Details
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