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Looking for partners and applicants for Strategic Partnerships

Započeo/la | Posted on sri, 01/22/2020 - 05:52

Dear partners,

We would like to express our interest in collaborating for your adult, HE, school, youth and VET Erasmus+ projects. We are active in Erasmus+ projects as applicants and project partners. As partners, we support the applicant during project planning, implementation and closing. As applicants, we won 2 KA2 Strategic Partnerships in Romania 2019.

For EU projects, please contact us at or +40723194474. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

In projects, we are interested to carry out needs analyses, to design educational curricula & new teaching methodologies, to develop online educational platforms, to train our staff and other target groups and to share the results and outcomes with others.

We are very active in:•    Erasmus KA 101,104 youth Exchanges and Training as sending and hosting/applicant organization; here is a video made by one of our participants: is external)•    Erasmus KA 201,202,203,204,205 Strategic Partnerships – Innovation and Good Practices – as applicant and partner: is external)•    ESC volunteering as sending and hosting/applicant organization: is external), is external) Our websites are: is external) for (Erasmus+) projects and is external) for domestic training, consulting and assessments. Our OID number is E10151316. The details of our lead project manager are available here: is external)

Our RESULTS in 2019 are:•    12 European projects participated in•    4 European projects as applicants/ coordinators•    52 European project partners•    66 people hosted at Constanta during international youth mobility•    45 people sent abroad in mobility free of charge•    9 countries visited by our staff and volunteers•    6 international volunteers hosted for 5 months•    8 partnership agreements with schools and universities from Constanta•    7 schools and universities received our services•    39 groups of people received non-formal education from us•    102 hours of workshop delivered•    704 young people worked with•    11 educational materials developed•    19 blog article written•    1500+ people liked our Facebook pageWe intend to build upon these and to expand our partnerships for 2020.

TEAM4Excellence is a not-for-profit NGO from Constanta, Romania, and EFQM National Partner Organization for Romania. Our team involves young people and adults, MBA and PhD managers, technicians, admin staff, teachers, youth workers, trainers and researchers. We have accredited Project Management Professionals (PMP) with extensive experience in EU projects taken from initiation to closing and completed at the required cost, quality and time. Our president is a board member of 2 state agencies and project evaluation expert of the European Commission for market uptake projects. Our VP is Dean at Constanta Maritime University and also international project evaluation expert.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,Ovidiu

Ovidiu Acomi, MBA (UK)MSc BEng BSc (Hons) MIAM PMP CMgr MCMI CEng CMarEng FIMarEST +40 (0)723 194 474 (WhatsApp)Skype ID: ovidiu.acomi

Project Evaluation Expert EX2018D334622 - European Commission

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