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Erasmus + mobility training on Online Marketing

Viva Las Vega's which is the most active Vegan organization in the Netherlands arranged a training on Digital online marketing at our office for our partner international organizations and volunteers.


Day 1: 2 nd June - Session by Bianca HarmsBianca Harms is a PhD candidate at the SOM Graduate School of Economics and Business,in the Department of Marketing, at University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Her researchaddresses the effectiveness of advertising in digital contexts. Harms is also a researchlecturer in marketing at the School of MEM Tech, Stenden University, Leeuwarden (NL) andworks as a digital strategist for organizations in the media & entertainment industry.Content:

  • Intro to digital marketing
  • Components of an online strategy: how to segment, target and position your online brand
  • Online consumer behaviour: how to connect to your audience online
  • The value of content marketing
  • Case studies

Day 2: 3 rd June – Session by Jolanda Reis-DanJolanda Reis-Dane is an online marketing and communications expert, product owner andproject manager. She specializes in Omni Channel marketing strategy, social mediamarketing, online campaigning, online project management, User experience strategy andalso has expertise in SEA and SEO. She has previous work experience at the Dutch CancerSociety and Questionmark. She currently works as team manager PPC (Pay Per Click) atthe international Online Marketing Agency iProspect / Dentsu Aegis.Content:

  • Set objectives
  • Set the Audience
  • Research Competition
  • Set a budget
  • Choose communications channels
  • Write your message (s)
  • Select / make images
  • Do a legal check
  • Improving the effectiveness - Monitor, measure and improve
  • Hands-on session for an upcoming campaign using group work

Day 3: 4 th June – Session by Jordie van RijnJordie van Rijn is a specialist email marketing consultant with over 13 years ofexperience.He has consulted for large and small companies like AEGON, Unilever, KLM,Roche and many others. Besides consultancy, he writes, speaks and gives training in thefield of email marketing . His website is

  • Elements of email marketing
  • Evaluation of newsletters
  • Segmentation and campaigns
  • Hands on session

Agenda2 nd June9:30 Meet and greet10:30 Briefing of participants about the outline of the program11:00 Session by Bianca Harms12:30 Lunch break1:30 Continuing presentation by Bianca Harms3:30 Q&A4:30 Networking, tea5:30 Presentation by VLV on highlights of 2017-20183 rd June9:30 Start10:00 Session by Jolanda Reis + Q&A12:30 Lunch1:30 Working on an online campaign case3:00 Presentation of the results4:30 End of session, networking, highlights of 2017-2018 by other organizations7:00 Optional joint dinner4 th June9:30 Breakfast10:00 Session by Jordie van Rijn12:30 Lunch1:30 Hands on and Q&A3:30 Sharing of learnings and key take aways4:30 Feedback and wind up.port 


Training report

Intent of the report

This report is intended to document the key learnings and takeaways of the Online marketing training which was conducted at the premises of Viva Las Vega’s as part of the Erasmus+ KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals.



2 international participants from Vegan organizations Ethical Vegetarian Alternative, Belgium and Vegan Gesellschaft, Austria.

Around 8 participants from Viva Las Vega’s, the Netherlands.


Objectives of the training

  1. How to use online marketing strategies to get better at marketing our cause
  2. How to segment and better design campaigns which fits in with our cause
  3. How to best use the different social media channels available today
  4. Look at the design of email newsletters, content
  5. Understand persuasion strategies to increase click rates and convert subscribers to donors
  6. Network with partner organizations and exchange information on marketing strategies and campaigns they are conducting


Content of the training


2nd June - lecture by Bianca Hermes – Introduction to digital marketing, strategies and content marketing

About the speaker : Bianca Harms is a PhD candidate and also a research lecturer in marketing at the School of MEM Tech, Stenden University, Leeuwarden (NL) and works as a digital strategist for organizations in the media & entertainment industry.


The lecture focused on introduction to digital marketing. We learnt about RACE objectives – React, Act, Convert and Engage. We also discussed about Key performance Indicators to capture for effective marketing. We learnt about how to segment based on consumer characteristics and the importance of product positioning. We discussed about how loyalty of a consumer is very important and how to increase loyalty through both offline and online media channels, how personal contact with our subscribers and donors can be maintained via fairs and campaigns. There were also interesting discussions about how to convert more subscribers to donors for the cause.


Post lunch, there was a lecture about content marketing – how to get attention and stand out in an increasingly information saturated world. We also discussed about how to use different social media channels to run campaigns.


We were also presented some very interesting case studies on examples of successful marketing campaigns, companies which failed with their marketing and how companies which were able to capture the market with their marketing messages and moving with the times.


At the end of the day, one of the partner organizations presented the highlights of the year, their future plans etc.



3rd June – lecture by Jolanda Reis Dane on Campaign Management

About the speaker: Jolanda Reis-Dane is an online marketing and communications expert, product owner and Project manager.


Jolanda presented to us the 10 steps for designing and running successful online campaigns. We learnt setting objectives of our campaign which is in line with the goals of the organization, set the audience, timeframe, budget, choosing the communication channels and how to use different messages for different channels, targeting different groups using personas, collaboration, writing effective messages, testing the message before sending it out, legal aspects to take care of, monitoring, measuring and tools for the same.

Post lunch, we discussed about a campaign Viva Las Vega’s wants to launch is summer and if the campaign aligns with our goals, the effort and cost of the same etc. We applied the 10 steps learnt earlier to think about our campaign in more depth.

We also discussed briefly some of the tools we could use to analyze the success of our campaign.

At the end of the day, one of the partner organizations presented to us the highlights of the year, their future plans etc.


The day ended with a nice dinner at a vegan restaurant.


4th June – lecture by Jordie Van Rijn on e-mail marketing

About the speaker: Jordie van Rijn is a top email marketing consultant and trainer with over 13 years of experience.


This session was an in-depth look at email marketing. We learnt how email marketing is used in today’s world, content of an email, value proposition, experience and motivation we want to provide to the customer. We looked at examples of well-designed email and newsletters, analyzed how to design it with effective subject lines, relevance, emotions etc. We went through some examples of good and bad emails and analyzed how they can be improved. We learnt how to use effective images and call for action. We looked at the user interface of emails, the colors, size, choice of words, how to test it out.

Post lunch, we analyzed and discussed the email marketing newsletters of the participant organizations. It was fun to analyze, deconstruct and offer each other constructive feedback based on our learnings


Key learnings and impressions

  • Strategize how to use different marketing channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc for different types of content.
  • How to target our campaign more effectively using personas.
  • How to run campaigns using different media channels.
  • How to design more effective email newsletters and email content.
  • Need to partner with someone who has good brand image and mobility. Who can be the face of the company?
  • Do a SWOT analysis of our company.
  • Sharing of other participant organizations about their campaigns, current and future plans was good as we learnt about their plans. It would also help us to work with them more closely, share our learnings with them and collaborate for better outcomes.
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