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Digital Transformation Manager (DTM) for the Furniture Sector

Digital Transformation Manager (DTM) for the Furniture Sector

DITRAMA project partners

The training material and on-line course have been created in the framework of the DITRAMA project, a Sector Skills Alliance funded by the EU ERASMUS+ programme, and developed by 12 partners from 8 EU countries, including universities, VET-centres and sectorial organisations and clusters.
The digital and green transition, or Twin Transition, will have a huge impact on the EU furniture sector during the coming years (focus 2025 - 2030).
The Digital Transformation Manager will be in charge of leading the deployment of the digital transformation within furniture companies in an integral manner. This professional will require technical, technological and managerial knowledge and skills, vision (for the deployment within the sector), and transversal skills (for change management). All of these are covered by the DITRAMA training course.
The complete course consists of 100 micro training pills, grouped into 10 Learning Units. Four are about technical and technological transformation, six are more transversal, that cover strategic as well as practical aspects. The course can be done in full or by selecting the video-pills of own interest.

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DITRAMA project partners
Engleski, Francuski, Italijanski, Poljski, Portugalski, Rumunjski, Španjolski
15+ hours