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EPALE Focus: Workplace learning

We're looking for content to publish around EPALE Workplace Learning Week.


On 18-22 July EPALE is hosting Workplace Learning Week. Workplace learning provides workers with an opportunity to keep their knowledge, skills and competences up-to-date, acquire new skills, and improve their employability. It is beneficial for employees as well as for employers, as it increases competitiveness and productivity.

We’re on the lookout for articles, opinion blogs, resources and case studies about:

- blended learning

- work placements, work experience and job exchanges

- learning and development

- structured learning

- informal and non-formal learning or community learning in the workplace

If you have a blog post, news story, event, video or case study relating to workplace learning, you can submit this for publication by sending it over to us at By posting a content item, you’ll be sharing it with EPALE’s 15,000 registered users across Europe.

 You can also register and upload your content yourself by visiting the blog, news, event or resource section.

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