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MCAST publishes Globalisation Strategy for Consultation

MCAST publishes Globalisation Strategy for Consultation

MCAST has published its Globalisation Strategy (2021-2024) to actively embed globally-focused values in its vocational education and training provision. In recent years the College has continued to strengthen its international presence and network in higher education for the benefit of both staff and students.

The MCAST Globalisation Strategy proposes four fundamental strategic directions, namely:

1. Academic Endeavour and Opportunity

2. Stakeholder Engagement

3. Reputation Building and Embedding Internationalisation in the MCAST Community

4. Becoming a Global VPET Teaching and Learning Hub

MCAST Principal and CEO Prof Joachim James Calleja said: “MCAST aims to be always relevant and responsive to global industry’s needs, particularly with the advent of Industry 4.0. We are well aware of the importance of preparing our learners to be global learners, specialists in vocational industry areas who are also in possession of soft skills, behavioural skills and appropriate attitudes.”

Dr Ing. Alex Rizzo, Deputy Principal responsible for Research and Innovation, said: “MCAST is responding to the changing international student and industry requirements. Globalisation is also about knowledge sharing. Research and innovation can play an important part in strengthening our reputation and relations with other nations.”

The strategy is open for consultation from 12th October to 6th November. Feedback and recommendations are to be sent to


The document can be downloaded from this link Download Document 

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