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Tool kit for Supporters of Migrant Entrepreneurs (VET4MIGRE)

This toolkit will provide information on how to work with migrants and refugees, as well as reflective activities for you the supporter, that can be developed. This will be a complete kit for busy professionals that will be useful for social workers who seek to develop and extend responses to the particular needs of migrants and refugees in their communities. Moreover, this kit contains data and figures, tips for good practices and the use of case studies to illustrate the problems more clearly. It is adaptable to a wide range of social workers that in a number of different ways, are all ensuring that migrant and refugee entrepreneurs are able to realize their goals of creating a successful business.

An Introduction

The VET4MIGRE project aims to bridge the gaps for migrants and refugees who want to start a business in their host country. This guide is for you, a supporter of a migrant or refugee entrepreneur. The guide is transversal, because it aims to cover the many phases and problems one might encounter when launching a business initiative in a new country.

Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece and Spain, countries involved with this project, are member countries of the European Union that share many general policies of rights, obligations, welfare state, economy, environmental protections, etc. Therefore, many of these policies can be similar or even the same in the rest of the member states, and so applicable across a vast European geography. At the same time, each country has its own history, geographic location, economic level, unemployment rate, population, etc., which makes them unique and for which we aimed to address in a tailored way. In this way, this guide is both macro and micro, to collect a global vision at the European level of how to work with migrants and refugees who want to start a business, while also offering some tailored country-specific information.

Thus, this guide covers a wide range of topics: practical guidance with business support and legal advice, good practice guides and case studies, psychological support, EU policy and regulations, tips for helping someone just starting out, understanding the profile and person that you are assisting, etc.

The main objective of the VET4MIGRE project overall is to enhance business skills among the migrant population of the EU, supporting the creation, improvement and wider dissemination of support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs. It focuses on facilitating mutual learning, the exchange of experiences and good practices, the exploitation of synergies and the emergence of strategic collaborations.

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