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Within the project under the name of ' Our Labor For Education' carried out by  Samsun, Canik Public Education Center,  60 convicts under the scope of probation renovated,  repaired and painted many puclic buildings including schools, mosques and Quran Course builgings during ‘’Restoration worker’’ and ‘’Painting and Renovating’’ courses. The project took 1460 hours in total.

The aim of  the project was to let the convicts socialize and allow them to live the happiness of being beneficial to the society.


Contributing to education and society as a community was determined as the main goal. Considering that education and justice are two main factors in avoiding crimes and criminals, the preparation of educational institutions has been given great priority.


Convicts were encouraged to  gain emotions and skills such as being able to work regularly, orderly and cleanly, adapting with colleagues, communicating with people in accordance with etiquette and completing a job successfully.


Convicts were trained about using course materials regularly, showing due diligence to the objects, painting according to techniques and using time effectively.


In addition, the training of convicts in order to have a job / profession after leaving prison was one of the important reasons for the project.


As a result of our practices, the professional development and rehabilitation of convicted citizens has been ensured. During the course, 50 schools, 6 mosques (Quran Course buildings), 3 sports facilities were painted , renovated and restored. An important step has been taken towards the integration of our trainees into the society.


The project continues to be carried out in various stages. At each stage, the certificate ceremony was held for the trainees and the value of their work was also emphasized. Samsun Public Prosecutor, Provincial Directorate of National Education officials and representatives of many institutions participated in the certificate programs.



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