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EU calls for greater cooperation in education and training up to 2020

The Commission has published a draft joint report which calls for strengthening cooperation in education and training up to 2020 with a special focus on social inclusion.

The European Commission suggests strengthening cooperation in education and training on a European level up to 2020.

The published draft joint report, written by the Commission and Member States, proposes promoting social inclusion in European education and training systems as one of the means for fighting radicalisation following the 2015 shootings in France and Denmark.

The report suggests a stronger policy focus in order to better address the urgent problems that our society faces and points out the following new priorities:

  • improving people’s skills and employment prospects;
  • creating open, innovative and digital learning environments;
  • cultivating fundamental values of equality, non discrimination and active citizenship.

Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, said: “Young Europeans are facing common challenges that need joint responses. The threat of radicalisation shows how urgently we need to improve education prospects across all our communities.”

He added, “Together with education ministers we will strengthen our joint work to reduce early school leaving, counter social exclusion and support diverse classrooms all over Europe."

Click here to read the Commission’s full press release (available in EN, FR, DE, DA, ES, NL, IT, SV, PT, FI, EL, CS, ET, HU, LT, LV, MT, PL, SK, SL, BG, RO, HR).

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