Survey on creativity and innovation management in business and higher education

Although creativity and innovation are considered one of the key driving forces in modern economies, to date there have been few approaches concerning creativity and innovation management. There are also very few educational approaches at the interface of continuing education, institutes of higher education and business and that systematically promote these skills and competencies.

The Erasmus+ Project CIM—Creativity and Innovation Management in Higher Education would like to achieve this task: 15 organisations—institutes of higher education, companies and networks—from nine countries are working closely together. Their aim is to develop new teaching and learning approaches for creativity and innovation management.

European survey on creativity and innovation management

The project is still in the initial phase and will start with a Europe-wide survey on creativity and innovation management in the fields of business and higher education. The aim of the survey is to support the development of educational programmes for more creative and innovative employees in institutes of higher education and business.

And why all this?

Institutes of higher education and continuing education institutions gain direct insight into the latest developments in the business sector and can offer flexible learning units and more personalised programmes. At the same time, companies and organisations can make direct contact with future employees or business partners. Teachers and trainers can use new teaching methods that foster creativity and innovation management. In the long run, cooperation between companies, institutes of higher education and continuing education institutions will intensify, educational programmes can be better adapted to practical working requirements, and companies will find better qualified applicants.

Information on the survey

In order to collect as much data as possible, the project’s participants invite all interested parties to complete the survey. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and consists of six parts with a total of 37 questions.

The results will foster the research into more creative and innovative training.

You can find the survey here.

You can find additional information (in German) about the CIM project in the blog post by Susanne Lattke

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