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New Projects for Improving Adult Education in Sarajevo Canton Agreed at the Meeting with the New Minister, Ms. Zineta Bogunić


Director of the DVV International - Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dr. Emir Avdagić held a meeting with the newly appointed Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, Ms mr. Zineta Bogunić and the Assistant Minister for Secondary Education and Adult Education, Ms Lamija Husić.

The meeting was organised as a preparation for upcoming activities in improving adult education in Sarajevo Canton, and some of the key topics of discussion were:

  • establishing a system for monitoring, evaluation and control of the implementation of the Law on Adult Education in Sarajevo Canton,
  • implementation of the programme for functional primary adult education in cooperation with local communities of Sarajevo Canton,
  • andragogical professionalisation of the teaching staff of public institutions of Sarajevo Canton registered as adult education organisers, as well as assistants and senior assistants in programmes of higher education,
  • professional development and capacity building of the ministry's employees responsible for the sector of adult education,
  • finalising elaboration of the „Strategy for Development of Science and Education of Sarajevo Canton“, and
  • Amendments to the Law on Adult Education of Sarajevo Canton and elaboration of additional regulation necessary for its implementation.

Minister, Ms. Bogunić welcomed the implementation of the projects which contribute to using the potential of education of youth and adults for solving many social problems, and emphasized that it should not be underestimated and accordingly it should be financed appropriately.

Some of the projects of DVV International and the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton in 2019 will be introduction of a software for monitoring of adult education system, capacity building activities for department for adult education within the ministry, organisation of a roundtable on adult education, and other activities defined in a memorandum of cooperation which is expected to be signed in April.

At the end of the meeting, the participants concluded that all agreed common activities for the next period contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG - Agenda 2030) which, for the first time, explicitly address all areas of education in the context of lifelong learning within the SDG 4. Some of the sub-goals implicitly address the field of work of youth and adult education, thus giving them greater significance and visibility.


Source: DVV International BiH

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