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18 Jan

Online training course on "E-learning - virtual classroom training"


During pandemic the daily work of teachers and trainers is specifically challenging. We would like to support you in this situation by empowering you with new digital teaching skills.

The WBS TRAININIG in Germany offers an excellent online training course for trainers and teaching staff.

Topic:       „E-learning – virtual classroom training“.

Dates:      18.01.2021 - 22.01.2021 or

                01.02.2021 - 05.02.2021

Language: English

Place:      WBS LearnSpace 3D(R)

The courses will take place in our award winning digital platform WBS LearnSpace 3D ®. To check it out, please review the following video on youtube (English subtitles can be activated in the settings).   

Digital, vivid and flexible: With our digital learning format WBS LearnSpace 3D®, education becomes a live experience that resembles reality. We are experts in digital learning!Your advantages with WBS TRAINING:

  • Boost your competences in digital teaching.
  • More than 10 years experience in digital learning and 8.000 participants online every day
  • Use our award winning WBS LearnSpace 3D®.

The expertise of WBS TRAINING will become your advantage in developing and shaping your individual skills!Sign up and start the future of your teaching career.

Event Details
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WBS GRUPPE is a leading provider of education and professional training. We operate all over Germany and internationally with five strong brands. Our more than 1,400 employees are designing flexible and digital educational services. For over 40 years. With knowledge and passion for what we do.
Additionally, the WBS TRAINING has more than 10 years of experience in implementing EU funded mobility projects (LdV, Erasmus+). Offering practical trainings as well as quality work placements, our team will support you to implement your project according to your individual needs and wishes.
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Stefanie Heinitz
Head of International Education Projects WBS TRAINING,Dresden
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We are ready to empower you with new digital teaching skills and mark the starting point of the future of your teaching career.

The training course on synchronous distance learning will give the participants the opportunity to get in touch with the latest technical developments in e-learning. The participants will benefit from the WBS experience while acquiring basic knowledge about e-learning in general, its different forms, advantages and technical require-ments. The training will focus on the synchronous e learning app WBS LearnSpace 3D® – a software that will broaden your horizon of joint learning: Every single partici-pant creates his/her own avatar, with whom the participant walks through a virtual building – being active in the auditorium, seminar rooms, single offices or the library, with real time communication and spatial sounds. Your avatar communicates not only with words, but also with facial expressions and gestures. The rooms are equipped with multifunctional media-walls, interactive whiteboards and the possibility of desktop sharing – these opportunities turn real time teaching in-to a ground-breaking experience!

The participants will significantly expand their digital competences and learn about the most important methodological and didactical principles in e-learning. Thus, they will be enabled to plan and prepare their own e-learning training session, which they will perform in the WBS-LearnSpace 3D® at the end of the training.
In addition to the technical content of the programme the participants will get the chance to improve their language and soft skills.
Očekivani ishodi učenja
The following learning outcomes are defined:

Professional Competences
Unit 1: Introduction to e-Learning environments
• Forms of e-learning
• Potentials and advantages of e-learning
• An overview on e-learning products (open source, commercial)
Unit 2: Methodological and didactic principles for synchronous e-Learning
• Characteristics of virtual communication
• Moderating in the virtual classroom
• Activating and involving participants in the virtual classroom
• Planning an e-learning training session
• Preparing and designing learning contents according to e-learning re-quirements
Unit 3: Preparing and delivering an e-Learning training session
• Working with WBS-LearnSpace 3D® as an e-learning platform
• Developing and preparing a training session
• Delivering the training session to a live audience

Personal Competences
Unit 4: Ability to cooperate with others and reach one’s goals in a different cul-tural environment
• Observing cultural and social conditions and circumstances and compar-ing to one’s own experience
• Planning and initiating common activities and tasks with people from (a) different cultural background(s)
• Using gained insight about the other cultural environment to solve prob-lems and tasks
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