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Welcome to the new EPALE calendar! This tool has been created and launched with you in mind. Major adult learning events will be posted here, as well as training opportunities and conferences from all over Europe that are aimed at adult education professionals.

As EPALE grows, there will be more events added to the calendar.

We are looking forward to hearing from you too. In the coming months you will be able to post your events, and capture the attention of audiences across the whole of Europe.

How to use the calendar

You can use the calendar to search for specific events, or search by country, language of the event, theme, date, target group and the type of event you would like to go to.  Click on the calendar item to find out all the information relating to that event.

As always, we want to know your views. If you have any questions or suggestions about the calendar, please contact us through the EPALE helpdesk or get in touch via Twitter @EPALE_EU.

Please note: The events featured in the calendar are not endorsed by the European Commission. Further research into the suitability of each event to meet your needs is recommended. The European Commission cannot be held responsible for the cancellation of any events in the EPALE calendar. Users are advised to check individual event websites regularly to ensure that they are aware of any changes to the event.

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7 Feb

Konverzujme po anglicky


Konverzačný klub, v ktorom si zlepšíte jazykové schopnosti.

8 Feb

Myšlienkové mapy - spoznajte ich možnosti

Događanje na daljinu
Potrebujete si zaznamenať myšlienky, nápady alebo riešiť problémy? Veľa plánujete alebo potrebujete vidieť veci v súvislostiach? Skúste využívať...
8 Feb

Folk och Kultur

Folk och Kultur äger sedan starten 2018 rum årligen i Munktellstaden i Eskilstuna. Folk och Kultur är ett kulturpolitiskt konvent. Initiativtagare...