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Adult Basic Education Digital Literacy

Andragog Zagreb Open University is one of the partners at 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007706 ERASMUS+ project. The project coordinator is the Niedersächsischer Bund für freie Erwachsenenbildung e. V. or the Agentur für Erwachsenen- und Weiterbildung from Germany.

The project partners are also:

  • Valo-valmennus yhdistys ry  from Finland 
  • National Adult Literacy Agency from Ireland
  • Ljudska Univerza Ormoz from Slovenia
  • ABF Göteborg Vuxenutbildning from Sweden
  • School for Primary Education of Adults in Sombor from Serbia.

The name of the project is Adult Basic Education Digital Literacy (ABEDiLi).

ABEDiLi is devoted to assist adult basic educators with the necessary soft skills in order to be secure to learn and use new digital tools in the rapidly-changing and demanding world.

The situation with Corona Virus, which has led to pandemic in the whole world, made us use the digital tools much more and much earlier as the whole humankind was ready for it. Covid 19 has become a call for digital transformation.

Partners from 4.11.2020. working together on the first intellectual output (IO1) of e-Pool. The aim of this IO1 is to gather all the digital tools used in adult education in the partner countries.

The results of IO1 will be an accessible and multi-lingual resource open for all educators and organizations. It will be created in the platform Google Apps of Education, which is the most widely available and accessible platform. With the support of the descriptions and evaluations, the e-Pool is designed so that educators can easily orient themselves and customize the resources for the needs of their learners.

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