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We want to be your K204 or K3 partner

Tosaithe ag | Posted on Wed, 01/15/2020 - 20:49

The Association of participants Àgora is a Non-governmental organization working in the field of adult education and training. It carries out activities addressed to adults that do not have academic training, especially those from vulnerable groups who are at risk of social exclusion. 

Àgora provides an educational setting for about 2400 participants and has more than 150 volunteers. It offers a wide range of activities, including language learning, basic literacy, ICT training groups and dialogic gathering in Literature, Mathematics, Arts and Science, among many other activities. Àgora has an extensive opening time from 9am to 22pm seven days a week, and all the activities and training offered are free for everyone.

The main goal of Àgora is to achieve educational success and social participation through democratic principles, opening all decision-making processes to all the people involved in the organization. 

We have experience in Erasmus+ both as a coordinator and as a partner and we can contribute in different aspects of K2 or K3 projects about adult education or social inclusion of vulnerable groups. If you would like us to be a partner in your project please do no hesitate to contact us: 

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