Online Course Catalogue

Online Course Catalogue

The Online Course Catalogue provides access to online training and certification opportunities for Adult Learning Professionals who want to improve their level of expertise. They have been selected and are available on recognised online platforms from reputable institutions.

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IT specialistou rychle a zdarma

IT specialistou rychle a zdarma

Nově vzniklá platforma je pro všechny, kteří se chtějí vzdělávat, naučit se rozumět digitálním dovednostem a posouvat se v kariéře. je vzdělávací platforma s...

GoodCall s.r.o., Microsoft

Get Interactive: Practical Teaching with Technology

This course is designed to help you create dynamic, interactive online courses through the use of multimedia tools, student collaboration opportunities, and formative assessment and feedback.


University of London
Bloomsbury Learning Exchange