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Language learning: A collection of innovative and inspiring resources : explore, learn, share - 2017

The Language Learning publication promotes interesting and innovative ideas emerging from EU-funded projects to help inspire teachers, non-governmental organisations, project applicants and policymakers across Europe to develop their professional practice. It offers a number of useful resources including teaching materials, as well as creative approaches to teaching and promoting language learning. The compendium has been structured under the following headings, which reflect how the resources can be used:

  • Chapter 1 – Language learning and work (projects which target specific economic... sectors or language for work/employability);
  • Chapter 2 – Addressing specific needs and groups (projects targeting specific target groups such as migrants, elderly people, people with special educational needs, young boys etc.);
  • Chapter 3 – Language learning and intercultural education (projects promoting intercultural education, diversity, citizenship and intercultural understanding);
  • Chapter 4 – Language learning through ICT and web-based games (projects based on ICT tools, methods and web-based games or solutions; this chapter also includes Content and Language Integrated Learning methodologies).
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