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Qualification framework for lifelong learning – QF LLL

Development of Qualification framework for lifelong learning – QF LLL



Project Overview


- Project title: Development of Qualification framework for lifelong learning – QF LLL

- Start date: 7th March 2016

- Duration: 2 years

- Total Activity Budget: € 1 442 000

- Implementing Partner: Ministry of Civil Affairs


QF LLL Project description:

The overall objective of this 24-month project which started on 7th March 2016 is contribution to strengthening quality and efficiency of the education system including provision of adult learning and contribution to the comparability of education systems in BiH with education systems in the EU based on EU strategy 2020 and EQF.

The purpose of the project is further development and implementation of qualifications framework in BiH with a focus on vocational education and training and adult education. The project will pay special attention to systematic approach to quality assurance development in VET and improving the identification of relevant qualifications and VET financing mechanisms.

The specific results to be achieved are associated within four related components:


Component 1: further development of QFBiH and capacity building with focus on VET and adult education are central part of this component. Guidelines for development of occupational standards, qualification and units, curricula and modules as well Guidelines for development of methodologies for recognition of non-formal, informal learning will be developed. 20 examples of qualifications will be developed covering different types of qualifications and levels. Further results are related to the IT tools for access to qualifications frameworks web portals as well as draft report self-certification report for the QF EAHEA and referencing report for EQF.


Specific activities of Component 1:

• Organize study visit for a body responsible for development and implementation of QF in BiH;

• Develop Guidelines for development of individual qualifications including a description of the process, the methodology and the format;

• Develop pedagogical guidance for the use of modules in learning;

• Develop Guidelines for validation of non-formal and informal learning in line with the European Guidelines for Validation;

• Develop Training programs to introduce the modules to teachers and trainers and for the assessment of units and qualifications;

• Develop web page;

• Develop draft self-certification report of the QF in BiH against QF EAHEA and referencing report of the QF in BiH against EQF;

• Test and describe implementation of development across 20 qualifications at least 3 education providers;

• Provide support for implementation of the Action plan for QF in BiH 2014-2020;

• Test IT platform.


Components 2 and 3: Components 2 and 3 are logically linking into the one component, and are related to QA in VET and adult learning and recognition of knowledge, skills and competencies needed at labour market. The Guidelines for QA including standards and criteria for external evaluation and self-assessment based on European framework for QA and ECVET system will be developed. TNA on knowledge, skills and competencies needed at labour market will be conducted as well as development of human resources in education and employment sectors.


Specific activities of components 2 and 3:

• Establish and facilitate a policy dialogue for development of proposal for guidelines for quality improvement and QA;

• Establish and facilitate a dialogue with involvement of at minimum 20 public schools as well as 10 adult education and training providers;

• Provide support to the competent institutions in establishment of network with objective to develop common framework for external evaluation valid for all public and private schools;

• Develop and gain approval for structure of the VET self-assessment report of the providers;

• Pilot ECVET system in 20 schools;

• Conduct TNA on knowledge, skills and competencies needed at labour market;

• Define and develop human resources in education and employment sectors about ESCO;

• Promote partnerships between employers and education providers;


Component 4: Situation analyses regarding applicability of VET model of financing and financing of adult learning will be conducted as well as testing in selected schools. Further development of recommendations for financing per-student as well as action plans.


Specific activities of Component 4:

• Test model of unit financing per-student developed in VET III;

• Develop draft recommendations for implementation of per-student funding model and actions plans for implementation;


Project team

The Delegation of the European Union has contracted EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Poland ( for the implementation of the Program. EPRD is lead partner in a consortium which also includes SQA Great Britain, IBF Belgium and INBAS Germany.

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