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New manual to using soft skills in non-formal education

A newly published manual provides guidance for adult education staff on how to use soft skills in non-formal education training.

The new manual is developed to address the needs of trainers and facilitators who work in the non-formal education sector. Training manual for facilitators: Using soft skills in non-formal education is developed by dvv International, and Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) from India.

The material aims to:

  • Establish a common understanding on the concept of soft skills

  • Serve as a reference point for practitioners

  • Provide sample training sessions, materials and exercises for trainers of soft skills in non-formal education

The publication generally focuses on Southeast Asia, but it can be adapted to national contexts. It is available in English, and translation in Khmer, Lao and Vietnamese are coming soon.

Click here to open the manual on EPALE.

Source: DVV International

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